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Stud service is offered to approved AKC females,

terms are listed below. 

Males can be seen by clicking on their pictures. 














$2500 up front OR  $3000 to be paid by the time puppies reach 8 weeks


A Brucellosis test must be done on bitch with in 30 days prior to breeding if you want to try side by side breeding. 


A deposit of $500 may be required at the time of breeding if not paying in full. 


Bitch owner is responsible for all vet fees,  worming, puppy shots and registration fees pertaining to this litter.  


 a guarantee of 3 live puppies covers that puppies are alive at birth.

- If 1 puppy is born $500 will be due (unless it was paid at time of breeding)

If 2 are born  $1/3 of stud fee will be due

If 3 puppies are produced  then breeding has been fulfilled and full payment is due by the time puppies are 8 weeks.


This does not cover that they are lost due to inexperience or being unprepared.  


 Bitch owner may keep puppies for the future of there own breeding program only.

bitch owner agrees to place all puppies with spay/neuter contracts unless  written permission is given by stud owner.



No puppies will be sold to any Brokers or Puppy mills.



 If stud owner chose to take a puppy back, the pick will be made by 8 weeks. 


Stud owner offers to whelp bitch and keep puppies and bitch until 3 weeks for the fee of an additional puppy back or $500 a week plus expences.


In the event a 2nd sire is used that is not owned by Shining Hills the full stud fee is still due in full.

Should Bitch owner chuse to dual sire with 2 of Shining Hills males only one stuf fee will be owed.

Though I do not recommend a dual sire litter, they are expensive (dam and all puppies must be DNAed with AKC).










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