GCH CH Vlad Mastino delle Correnti (Hun)

Vladimir is a Hungairan import form Correnti Kennels out of Szoloon Mastion delle Correnti and Perrla Mastino delle Correnti. In December of 2019 Vladimir came to me and in March 2021 won a 4 point major at his first show! Then covid...  We couldn't show again till November when he would finish his championship, pick up owner handle place 3 and 4 as well as go on to finish #3 USA Neapolitan mastiff 2020!

 This qualified him for the top 10 Neapolitan Mastiff competition at our National dog show, and Westminster 2021! 

In 2021 we picked up several Best of Breed wins, a couple Best of Opposite sex and a few Select ribbons along the way and where able to to stay in the top 5 USA Neapolitan mastiffs through the qualifying period and make the invite list for Westminster 2022! Oh and we won the Top 10 competition at Nationals 2021! Pictures coming soon.