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Shining Hills Ranch


There are 10 sections

Sex: ___________ DOB: ______/_____/2020__ AKC Litter # ______________ Breed _____Mastiff_____Neapolitan Mastiff  

Microchip #                                               Color: ______ Registered Name:_Shining Hills  ______              _
Dam: __ SHINING HILLS ________________Sire: _CH SHINING HILLS__________________
Seller(s): Shannon Drake , Buyer(s): ____________________________

 PHYSICAL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________

EMAIL:_______________________________________ PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________


   Price: $_________, Full Registration. The above puppy is sold as having show potential at 8 weeks of age, and that it does not have any disqualifying faults that would make it not show worthy. No other assumptions are made to the show potential of this puppy at a later date. No guarantees are made about success in the show ring.
  - This Puppy is being sold as a show potential animal.


 - buyer agrees not to breed bitches under 18 months and males are not to be bred under 12 months. 

 -Buyer agree not to do any breeding with this Dog/Bitch without written approval from the breeder/seller.

  -Buyer agrees to health test dog/bitch prior to breeding including but not limited to  OFA Heart, OFA Patella guidelines And X ray hips and elbows  prior to breeding.

  - Buyer agrees to only mate dog or bitch to another mastiff with all the same health testing, QUALITY AND TYPE in order to better the breed.   And agrees not to offer stud serves at less than $2000.00

 -Buyer agrees to sell all offspring from this dog with Limited AKC Registration on spay/neuter agreements unless permission is given to sell full AKC registration from breeder/seller.  IE. only puppies owned or co-owned buy the buyer will be eligible for FULL AKC REGISTRATION WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE  BREEDER (Shannon Drake) .

  - The seller reserves the right to use any male dog sold under this contract as a stud dog on any bitches that the Breeder owns or co-owns with no charge,  seller will be responsible for any costs involved in the collection and shipping of semen. Breeder can use dog at anytime.

   -The Buyer agrees to not knowingly sell offspring of this mastiff to any known puppy mill, broker, or pet shop, nor produce puppies for the same. Neither shall it be allowed to produce litters for the purpose of producing stock for laboratory experimentation. In order to enforce this contract seller will turn in a copy of this contract to American Kennel Club in order to enforce the terms of this contract. This is only to protect the dog and its lineage. 


  2. Health Guarantee: Shining Hills puppies come with vaccination records, worming dates, and implanted microchip. A licensed veterinarian will have examined the puppy prior to the date of sale and buyer will be supplied with a health certificate. Any and all medical treatments after the date of sale become the sole financial responsibility of the purchaser. The puppy is to be taken to a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of purchase for a follow up exam, and if the puppy is found to be unfit because of contagious disease or genetic defect, the puppy must be returned immediately to the breeder. Purchaser may then choose another puppy of equal value from the same litter or when one becomes available upon confirmation of the puppy’s diagnosis by the breeder’s licensed veterinarian. The breeder is not responsible for reimbursements of any expenses (i.e. veterinary exam, shipping.) to the purchaser other than the purchase price of the puppy.

In the unfortunate event of the death of the puppy, a full and complete necropsy report must be sent to the breeder by a licensed canine pathology lab and the attending licensed veterinarian for the breeder to be able to replace the puppy. This report must prove that death was caused by a genetic defect.


- Luxation of the patella up to 30 months

- crippling Hip or elbow dysplasia, covered after 12 months of age through 30 months of age.


- Eyes are not covered (Mastiffs are DNA tested for PRA and CMR)

- Congenital heart defect, up to 30 months of age.


If prior to one 30 months from the date of birth, a structural problem arises that renders the puppy unfit for the purpose intended, as determined by two (2) licensed veterinarians (one chosen by purchaser and one chosen by the breeder), one of the following will apply at the seller's discretion and  after all x-rays , veterinary records, necropsies (must include toxicology) are sent to the breeder within 10 days:

  A. Puppy has been spayed/neutered by a licensed veterinarian, Refund 50% of the amount stated above equaling $_______ (Buyer may keep the PUPPY) Seller has 6 months to refund money. This does not include shipping or ear cropping.  Refund is 50% of puppy price only.

  C. The Buyer may purchase a second pet quality Puppy with 50% of the price paid for this puppy being deducted from the new puppy when one becomes available. I.e. if you pay $1500, then $750 will be deducted from the second (Buyer may keep the Mastiff if spayed or neutered).

  D. Or, the Buyer may return the Puppy and the Seller will replace the Puppy with like kind Puppy of equal value when one becomes available.   Puppy may still be unaltered. 

AKC Registration papers must be returned to the breeder for A,B, & C. No veterinary bills will be paid by the seller.  Buyer will be responsible for the shipping fees of replacement puppy.

None of the above will apply if the puppy develops problems from past or recent injury(s), neglect, negligence, or over nutrition or if the dog has been bred.


  3. PUPPY BEST INTEREST: ___________/ Date: _________ This puppy has been purchased for the purpose of breeding/show, and will not be used for any purpose not in the best interest and welfare of the puppy breed or of the individual dog.

 A female will not be bred prior to 18 months or a male prior to 14 months of age.

 Females are not to produce more than 3 litters in their life.

 At least Heart Auscultation and Patella testing, with normal results for either a Dog or Bitch to be considered for breeding.  Same is required of potential mate for the Dog or Bitch.

 Neither male nor female will be bred to any Dog of lesser quality or Dog other than its own breed (Neapolitan Mastiff to Neapolitan Mastiff ), or one that is not registered with the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club. Copies of all health testing results are requested to be sent to the breeder within 30 days of receipt in order to maintain the breeder’s health testing data base.

  4. NAMING YOUR PUPPY: All puppies will carry the SHINING HILLS  kennel name  and will only be advertised by the buyers as such. Buyer is welcome to choose their call name.
  5. SHIPPING: In the case of the puppy being shipped to the buyer, the buyer assumes all risks and expenses of shipping which includes a crate, airfare, and health certificate equaling $450 8 week old mastiff in the USA, if out of USA  a price has been quoted prior to sale.. Price could change due to size. The breeder will take every precaution to ensure that the puppy arrives safely at its destination. All attempts will be made to schedule nonstop airline flights to reduce stress and travel time while the puppy is in transit. Buyer reserves the right to choose ground or air shipping.
  6. LIFETIME RETURN POLICY: If for whatever reason at any time during the dog’s life, the buyer cannot, or does not wish to maintain custody of the dog, the ownership shall revert directly back to the breeder with no refund being owed. At no time may the dog be resold, traded, leased, or given to a third party without the express written permission of the breeder. No excuses shall be valid for failure to comply with this agreement. Should the buyer relinquish custody of the dog to anyone other than the breeder without written consent, the original buyer shall pay to the breeder the sum equal to two (2) times the original purchase price of the dog as determined by this contract for breach of this contract.

Sign here that this is understood X                                                                                                                             

  7. BREEDER RESPONSIBILITIES: A puppy in good health with up to date vaccinations, worming, and a veterinarian certificate of health with records. -A puppy that is micro-chipped. -A five generation pedigree -Copies of health testing of sire and dam may be obtained via the website. -Information and instructions regarding the care, feeding, and training of your puppy. -AKC registrations papers. -Contact and lifelong support in the care and well being of your puppy as well as suggestions Recommendation that you and your puppy begin attending a basic obedience class (Puppy Kindergarten) by the time the puppy is 6 months old. -Male show dogs have been checked and verification has been made that both testicles have descended at the time of pickup. _____________ (Initial) Accidents can happen with new puppy dogs, however, this contract does not cover testicle trauma after the puppy goes to his new home.

-The breeder does not make any further warranties as to the puppy's condition after pickup
  8. BUYER RESPONSIBILITIES-Buyer agrees to take and reasonable care of dog. This includes proper housing, feeding and both physical and emotional needs , necessary to maintain the dogs proper development. If there is documented evidence to the contrary then the seller has the right to repossess the dog.

  9. BREACH OF CONTRACT:   In the event of breech of this contract by the buyer, the buyer agrees that the breeder will repossess the puppy/dog immediately without any monetary reimbursement to the buyer. Should litigation become necessary to enforce the terms of this contract, the contract will be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri, and litigation will take place in the Jurisdiction of Webster County, Missouri at the place of sale.

 The intent of this contract is not to limit or restrict the buyer, but to protect each individual Puppy sold by Shining Hills Neapolitan Mastiffs.

 Seller requires a photo copy of a valid driver’s license as proof of identity and residence where Mastiff will live.  This must be submitted with a copy of the signed contract and deposit/full payment by Buyer prior to taking possession of the Puppy.
  I/we hereby agree to all of the conditions and terms contained in this contract.

Buyer(s) __________________________________ Date: _________________ Co-Buyer__________________________
________ Date: _________________
Address: ____________________________________________________ __
Driver’s License #______________________ State: ______ Exp.: ________
Driver’s License #______________________ State: ______ Exp.: ________

Breeders: Shannon Drake 416 Stringtown Rd. Seymour MO. 65746__________________________ ____________________ Date: _____________

Contract must be signed & returned before puppy will be delivered. 


Shining Hills Sales Agreement's           

 These are the sales agreements for show prospect and pet/companion  puppies. They are designed to protect the best interest of the dogs, with the hopes of preserving the quality of this magnificent breed.

Shining Hills blood is only entrusted with passionate, responsible breed enthusiast.

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